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AUTHERENS 1: PARADISIO CHAPTER 1: Disunited From Creation

"The heavens have been united since forever. The worlds outside them shudder at the thought of ever being loved. Though, love is the source of all energy here in the heavens. We are a part of this love, this God, this source. It will never end. We are most fortunate that we will forever live in God."

This was the founding philosophy or phrases that kept the citizens of heaven alive in God's love. Everyday they were enthused and excited by the greatness and awe of the almighty God. Each day they walked in the gardens with the lord. Appreciating the beauty and consuming the love that it brought to each other. They were innocent beings, shrouded in love for one another; without any judgements of themselves or anyone.

Everything seemed to be perfect and working for them. All was well. Though, grumblings from outside the heavens began to shatter this innocence. These grumblings produced a crack in the walls of heaven, for God wanted innocence to restart another drama of good versus evil, of right versus wrong, of yin versus yang. Heaven thus split itself apart with a "bang"!

Then, Paradisio happened! A part of heaven suddenly found itself disunited from beauty,grace, god, and love. This place resembled heaven in many ways, except one: the people there realized they had separate needs and functioned differently from each other.

Difference created a kingdom close to heaven, but now, not part of it. Yet, Paradisio was still far better than the worlds that were outside of heaven because Paradisio was still under heavenly protection.

In Paradisio, lay the Palace of Emperor Autheraeneus and his consort, Empress Kashwanyy. One day, they found themselves ruling the land without any assistance from God. Before this, they thought they were one with the Lord. Now, they felt like individuals.

Little did they know that they were separated from God. Everywhere in the land people were being disunited from God for the first time. The Emperor tried to decree as if he was God, but nobody listened. They all thought they were God and why should different parts of God be ruled by others?

There, in the midst of the Emperor's presence, lay a man prostrating on the floor. He had just recently received the gift that would continue to unite him with god: humility. He was prostrating before his Emperor and Empress.

In front of him was a very important book. He had this book at the end of outstretched arms that lay in front of his bowed head and body as he lay in front of his Paradision lords.

Both rulers, at this time, were getting used to being King and Queen of all the surveyed. In an instance, the Emperor broke the silence of eternity by saying: "Young man, what is this book, you present before me?"

The man, who laid prostrating before his lord, lying flat like a priest before a bishop on his ordination day, did not answer his master's first question. The Empress, then spoke: "Young man, may I take a look at this book you hold oh so endearing in front of us?

At that, the man leapt and replied: Even though, you two are my sovereigns, but, this book must never be shown to either of you or to anyone lest we want the peace we have to dissipate into thin air. In time, the book will reveal itself. Until then, do not worry my leiges.

As the young man left their presence, the Empress whispered softly to her husband: What a strange man, I sure am curious as to why he wants to hide this book of his. Make a note, my lord, if he does not show the book to me, to have the book brought to me at all costs! I must satisfy this hunger to know more!

"Enough!", the Emperor replied. "Enough! If he says we should not view the book, then so shall it be. I will use all force necessary to hide this book from ever being opened, and you, my dear, will stay obedient and faithful to me and my decrees!

The book was kept well hidden from the Empress or from anyone who was curious. As time passed, the Empress' curiosity grew stronger and stronger. She tried to pray, meditate, and busy herself from indulging in any thoughts of mischief, but her disposition as co-sovereign and the dignity, which that office entailed, could not allow her to swallow her pride for too long. In spite of all this, the Empress managed to maintain an air of obedience and subservience to her lord. Paradisio was to be peaceful for the next billion years or so, for the Empress was so God loving and perfect to disobey her master. Slowly, though, heavenly ways were giving way to earthly ways as eternity ticked on a time-bomb for the first time in creation.

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Travelling all over Auteria.

Auteria has many human continents. It is rich with history, diversity, and culture. I will share stories from all over Auteria and its fascinating histories with you as soon as there is some feedback on the page.

BENETO: This is a huge continent. It contains a number of Anglorential (Autherential English) peoples as well as native Malabs in the north. The south is allied with the Sakretskan (Planet of Matersian values) reign. Originally, Auteria was a Matersian planet, but it came to past that the Salaret Isguthariyya, half sister of the Devil's daughter, decided to lease the Planet to the Everlian Kings namely the Mighty Heraldian (Heraldianus Miteas). Bambylaysia is the seat of Auterian Matersia. The powers of Matersia (Materialism) and Everlia (Everlasting) have been at a relative battle since its begining. The continent called Northerento was colored "orange" in the previous section on Terawang. The Izzegrian Isles and Sacrentia to the east are non human habitations. They are homes to wolfmasterines, colvenites, shedmucreans, and of course, Sabre-tooth men. The home of the Salaret is in Southerento. Its northern frontier is shown in the map below. As you can now see the scale of this quarter of Auteria. There are still 3/4 of the planet that to date, has not been shown. N.H.H. means non inhabited human areas. These are again homes to many different supernatural creatures with differing dimensional vibrational levels.

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Human Auteria.

What a planet!

Imagine this continent to be the size of our planet, Earth: This is the continent of Terawang. It has 14 nations. This is the only continent to inhabit humans in the Autherential universe. The nations are as follows:
Rakhilah, Seritiwangsa, Jumait Trhangaea, Kalau Sirau, Sinatuwalanesia, Serianaysia, Zoranaysia, Khalsia, Baltaysia, Solvenea, Takzus, Bagzda, Khabirah, and Neuro-Kristaenea on Seritiriwangsa or Terawang Major. Sri Ennon island to the east of Seritiwangsa, Jumait Trhangaea, and Kalau Sirau, is a nation on its own. The island of Khaarah across the Sea of Khalsia houses two nations: Dungan and Wildermest; whereas, to its northwest are the Caffidden Isles, a nation on its own.

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CAKUISM - One of Auteria's Religions.

Cakuism is a religion centered on two existences: The Menzabit (Pilgrimage) and The Adharna (Religious Derivation).

Below is the symbol of this faith. It illustrates the two important existences, a Caku must have as a member of his faith.


Menzabit is the pilgrimage every Caku has to make in order to climb their spiritual phases. Everyone is born a Caku. A Caku simply means a person who submits to the order of Zabit or Universal prostration to Shattal (God). In order to make the Zabit meaningful and real, a Caku has to forego his right to "Caku" (submit to the order of Zabit) by becoming another. This is called the process of Adharna. An Adharna is a religion a Caku observes, but not fully, but educates the Caku of the true meaning of giving up for God. "For the lord is well pleased when man passes his dearest possessions to him in the form of conjured faith." (Book of Masdaq: 19:2) This simply means that man is advised to surrender that which is most precious in order to worship God. "Leave your worship at the door and come and adore me, sayeth the Lord." (Book of Masdaq: 19:8) This means all Cakus are required to take up a faith that is different to theirs, practise it, then, leave it for the true worship of God in the mysteries of Zutun Barg's life.


1) ADHARNA: All pilgrims are advised to practise their adharna for the last time in Johannazo, be it at a Mosque, Church, Temple, Myresium,

2) DAESUMA: All pilgrims are called to make the 7 day walk to Himur. They stop at rest stops all along the way. These rest stops are equipped with rest houses, tents, motels, et. al to provide rest for the visitors. However, each stop will also have a major Temple complex. This complex is divided into two parts; The Kyrean & The Zabitan. The Kyrean is a place for reading the Book of Masdaq and hearing the sermons by Executive Masdaqs (Parental Masdaqs and above) on the readings for the day. Then,prayers are performed by Executive Masdaqs acting as Priests of the Daesuma (Shezimuq). The Daesuma prayer rituals (Kalazah) are performed as follows:
Bow before entering the Zabitan. Then a Muslim prayer gesture for bowing and submission. Once submitted (Sujud), remain there untill the ceremony of Kalazah is over. The Shezimuqs perform the Kalazah by lighting candles on the altar of the Daesuma. On that altar, images of the walk are pasted and fruits are offered to Shattal. The guardians of the Zabitan receive these offerings for their own consumption. Blessed water is placed before the altar by the guardians to thank the pilgrims for their gesture. Then, some sacred passages are read by the Shezimuqs. Prostration is finished thereafter. Only Shezimuqs (dressed in white robes and black sashes) will witness the true ceremony. A grand Kalazah, longer than most is performed on the last day in Himur itself.

3) HIMUR: The Grand Temple of Himur (Maran Zabitan Himurius) is filled with swords and battle armour. This place symbolises the clash between the Cakus and the Shinzuakus. Shinzuakus wanted the Cakus to submit to praying to Karanakato, their Floral God on the eve of Pansaikko. However, the Cakus would not submit to anyone bar the Shattal. They wanted the Shinzuakus to convert. Against the will of Zutun Barg, Schwazagar led an army to fight the Shinzuakus into submission. They won, but at the price of the Prophet dying a second time. His resurrected self told them that he had died and that the battle's victory should be atoned by visiting his tomb back in Johannazo. Timothinus, the disciple of Zutun Barg encouraged the people to return for he feared death by an unseen angel should the wishes of the prophet not be fulfilled. Furthermore, this unseen angel tormented Timothinus that should another war of evangellism threaten the stability of Cakuism, all Cakus of the disciple's generation were sure to die!

At Himur, the Zabitan Himurius is performed as a debative battle. Masdaq noviciates (in white) and Executive Masdaqs (in white with Black sashes) debate over the meaning of life as a Caku. Discussion and debate from Adharnic perspectives are encouraged. No conclusions should be done, except that when dusk falls, debates end with preparations to leave Himur for Johannazo.

4) TAKLAKAN: All pilgrims reverse their Daesuma and make a 7 day walk to Johannazo. This walk is hurried, that some arrive 3/4 days earlier. There are no stops at Kyrean-Zabits on the way. People should only pray in submission facing the Tumistia (tomb of Zutun Barg) from the places that they rest after a day of hurrying. They wake up in the early hours to continue their speedy visit to Johannazo. All Masdaqs wear white for this occasion.

5) TUMISTIS DAY: Everyone gathers at the tomb of Zutun Barg. This Tomb complex is the holiest shrine in Cakuism for it is here that the Prophet died and rose from the dead. All Executive Masdaqs put on the Black Robe as a sign of parenthood in Masdaqship. Noviciates maintain their white robes. From dawn to dusk, people are encouraged to spend a few minutes entering the holy of holies: The Blessed Myresium of the Prophet's Rest: TUMISTIA. There, the pilgrims (max: 15/20 gather in comfort to pray on their knees in front of the Tomb asking the Prophet to intercede for them.) All must gather in that complex or as near to the Tumistia for an hour within this day. Then preparations are to be made to fly to Rangalesh.

6) Week of ROTUNDA: 20 years after the risen Zutun Barg was murdered by Schwazagar and the murderer left to start a Kristanean dynasty back in Basaga, Timothinus, the second dearest apostle of the Prophet decided to start his own Caku Empire amongst the Rangathani people of Meso-Khaarah. There, he called himself, Emperor Timothinus. In order to maintain law and order under Cakuism, the Emperor fought an all out war with the Katrinojons on the field of Rotundus (Law). However, after the war was over, the angel of death took the lives of all the original disciples and apostles of Zutun Barg. It was to be the end of Cakuism if not for the 2nd and 3rd generation Rangathani Masdaqs. Some of whom went back to Basaga to propogate the Auslim faith. Timothinus argues with the angel of death during this final battle. He refused to die! His denial of death is celebrated on the last day of Rotunda and we travel with him to the abyss of Chasmeny. Executive Masdaqs are as follows:
Black with Black sash: Parental Masdaqs
Black with Yellow sash: Scholastic Masdaqs of the Zeitunic Order. Zeitunic order believes that Zutun Barg were at least two people: the Wangsian (Terawangian) and the Khaaran.
Black with Purple sash: Scholastic Masdaqs of the Conjourneon Order. Conjourneons believe that Zutun Barg is the Christ for Auteria. He is the re-incarnation of what Christians on Earth called God the Son, redeemer of sins.
Black with Brown sash: Scholastic Masdaqs of the Massianic Order: Zutun Barg was one man and a fully human prophet with remarkable powers of mysticism. (Descendant of the Rangathani movement, which begat Auslomac Masdaqs.)
Black with Blue sash: Scholastic Masdaqs of the Phelonic Order: They are all orders together. These are the Phelonic Masdaqs to be. They begin by being Scholastic Masdaqs.

7) CHASMENY: The 6 day walk to Shattalia or the Complex of the Burning Tree. This tree was founded by Asfogeous and Tastameny when they were ordered by Johannazo to find lands for Caku establishment. The tree burnt and their testimonies affirmed Zutun Barg's miracle of having arisen after his death and that he died by the hand of Emperor Aslanino, who was possessed by the Santoik. This death created the fertility of Khaaran soil. The walk of Chasmeny looks into death and rebirth. It looks at the need to visit the Chasm (grave or underworld) before a new beginning beckons in our souls. Each step is a step closer to God but in austere ways of abstinence and fasting. All masdaqs revert to white without sashes to show the equality of men before God. Only the Omnephelon Celebrant wears a Blue robe with a red sash. He shows to be the shepherd with his flock. There are no Kyrean-Zabits along this route either. But, abstinence and repentance of past sins in the heart and meditation or reflection of the inner self is practiced at the rest stops en route.

8) SHATTAL DAY: When arriving at the Shattalia Complex, everyone just prostrates for hours in front of the Burning Tree. Some circumambulate the Tree. Others just sit as close as they can to a branch. The tree is so big, it even houses a couple of Myresiums right in its trunk. Visitations to as many Myresiums is encouraged to take in the full scale of the Shattal. All Masdaqs do not enter untill the Omnephelonic Masdaq has re-lit the candles all over the tree with the help of Phelonic Masdaqs. They also prepare the Shattalia complex, which is their home, for the greatest event 2 hours before midnight.

9) OMNEPHELON: This is the ceremony of upgrade. The Celebrant wears a red robe with blue belt and white sash. The red robe is symbolic of being the Javaret's spiritual servant, and thus connecting this faith with the Spiritual Javaret in Mingrih, and to the Real Javaret in Andekenda, the servant of the JoAnnas, son of Shattal in the Autherens. The blue belt symbolises his/her commitment to the Phelonic Ministry, the Chief ministry of Cakuism. Finally, the White sash symbolises the Phelonic ministry's servitude to the advocacy of Masdaqhood in its purest and simplest form, pre-Masdaqian and Novice. All noviciates wear a white robe. Phelonic Masdaqs wear a Blue robe. Zeitunic Masdaqs wear a Yellow robe. Massianic Masdaqs wear a Brown robe, whereas Conjourneon Masdaqs wear a Purple robe. The upgrade is as follows:

1) If this is your first fulfilled Menzabit, you become a Noviciate Masdaq, endowed by your Parental Masdaqs with a White Robe.

2) If this is your fulfilled Menzabit after having parented a Caku to Masdaqhood, you are endowed by a Scholastic Masdaq, who sponsored you, to wear a Black Robe. Only Parental Masdaqs under the sponsorship of a Scholastic Masdaq can undertake one on one and or communal study of one of the Caku codes. One code at a time. Committment to the code is important at the stage of study. Some study goes up to twelve years and takes as many as twelve Menzabits to finish. For each year as a Parental Masdaq, if one wants to upgrade to Scholasticism, one must submit to the order of the codes, not merely in academic terms, but in all ways.

3) If this is your fulfilled Menzabit after having undergone study of the Zeitunic Code as a Parented Masdaq, you are endowed by a Senior Scholastic Zeitunic Masdaq, who sponsored you, to wear a Yellow Robe.

4) If this is your fulfilled Menzabit after having undergone study of the Massianic Code as a Parented Masdaq, you are endowed by a Senior Scholastic Massianic Masdaq, who sponsored you, to wear a Brown Robe.

5) If this is your fulfilled Menzabit after having undergone study of the Conjourneon Code as a Parented Masdaq, you are endowed by a Senior Scholastic Conjourneon Masdaq, who sponsor ed you, to wear a Purple Robe.

- All these Scholastic Robes are confered over the Black Robe of a Parental Masdaq. The Black Robe does not cover the White robe, but merely replaces this garment.

6) If this is your fulfilled Menzabit after having undergone studying all three codes and being initiated into all of them, you are entitled the Phelonic administrative title of Masdaqhood. The decision to cross-schools or Adhanicize Masdaq schools is sponsored by a Phelonic Masdaq. This Senior Phelonic Masdaq endows you with a Blue Robe after having completed all three schools. If you are a Zeitunic, but Adharnicising it for Massianicism and Conjourneonism, then, it is advisable to declare the Adharnicising intention to the head of Zeitunia and get a compensation letter to allow for the re-education in another school. Then, one can attain the Brown robe for Massianicism and the Purple robe of the Conjourneon. Each change, the entitlement of Adharnicization must be granted. If refused, head of the Scholastic orders must state reason for refusal. If refusal is based on trying to implement committment to one school, the refusal will be denied and automatic adharnicization will be legalised through the free-will of the candidate. However, this is based on the fact that the Parental / Internoviciate (Scholastic Masdaq who is changing school and in the process of re-education) has finished the requirements of the current school of Masdaqhood.

An Omnephelon celebrant is one who is committed to the Phelonic order over a period of many years and have earned the trusteeship of his or her colleagues.
As administrators of Cakuism, Phelonic Masdaqs are free from any form of scholastic sectarianism, and hence, must know all. In the process of one Menzabit to another, they have to also show they have endeavoured most of the world's faiths as well.

10) AMNEPHELON DAY: This day begins when the Omnephelon ceremony ends. This day is a day to celebrate the newly attained status of Cakuism. It is also a day when declaration of Cakuism releases one into the world of Adharna. This is a time when various leaders of religions come to promote their faiths as Adharnas. They help to initiate a Caku for that one year of commitment to the Adharna. Baptisms, proclamations of beliefs are done during this day so that when the day ends, Adharnicization can begin, and a new cycle can begin, when the robes are removed by the end of this day. It also marks the end of the Caku liturgical calendar.
1st Menzabit: White Robes
1st Parented Menzabit: Black Robes
1st Menzabit after Zeitunic Code: Yellow Robes
1st Menzabit after Massianic Code: Brown Robes
1st Menzabit after Conjourneon Code: Purple Robes
1st Menzabit after all Codes: Blue Robes
1st Menzabit as a Celebrant: Green Robe
Subsequent Menzabit as a Celebrant: Red Robe

1) 12 year course.
2) Requires its Parental Masdaqs and Internoviciates (Scholastic Masdaqs from either Massianic or Conjourneon or Both of these orders) to complete 12 continuous Menzabits.
3) Each Menzabit is to be conducted in the Zeitunic style. Propagating the Zeitunic way of life to all strata of Cakus.
4) Letter of Adharnicization based on completion of 1 - 3.

1) 8 year course.
2) Requires its Parental Masdaqs and Internoviciates (Scholastic Masdaqs from either Zeitunic or Conjourneon or Both of these orders) to complete 4 Menzabits. It needs not be continuous.
3) Each Menzabit should be simplified. Propagating the Massianic way of life to all strata of Cakus.
4) Letter of Adharnicization based on completion of 1 - 3

1) 4 year course.
2) Requires its Parental Masdaqs and Internoviciates (Scholastic Masdaqs from either Zeitunic or Massianic Order or Both of these orders) to be Kristanean for the whole period of study. Performing Menzabits is not necessary but optional.
3) Kristanean evangellism during Menzabits as well as during the Adharnic periods is highly recommended. A need to use its Kristaneanism to penetrate the Muskitat ritual of Mahitzut.
4) Letter of Adharnicization based on completion of 1 - 3

1) Complete all orders to gain access to Phelonic sponsorship.
2) Fulfill one more Menzabit under Phelonic sponsorship.
3) Celebrant chosen from this order by votes.
4) Celebrants join the highest part of this order after wearing Green on Amnephelon Day, becoming Amnephelonic Masdaqs / House of Celebrants. The president of this house is in fact the Spiritual Javaret based in Mingrih. Meetings are held during the Mahitzut.

Look out for other Autherential Religions such as:



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My First Trip Abroad: It's Cosmic!!!!

Hi, my name is Johann. Currently I'm on holiday from.... Well, to be honest, from my home world. Do I believe in aliens? Of course! Anything can be out there. But, I'm not interested in this world: Earth, its fellow planets, solar system, galaxy, and universe. I'm more interested in what's beyond that.

Well, science is small, it has barely passed knowing what's our world like. I'm impatient! So, let's forget science, and let our imagination take us further afield.

I remember the day I started off on my travel. Been travelling for at least 27 years now, even though, in actuality, I'm only 15! Am I mad? Certainly! For what is sanity but mere boredom.
Anyway, let me tell you where I came from. My hometown is a place called Melswith. I don't remember much of the place, but when my parents ( who I can't even remember how they look like), told me they managed to buy a trip to the Etherens, I was excited as hell! The Etherens (my people's name for this universal dimension) is a place quite far away, and to that day, I had never even left Melswith. I was born there and never travelled in my life.

Anyway, we went on a long flight to my world's largest city, Paninsularre. It took us about 178 hours to travel there on a jet-liner the size of a cruise ship, with all the amenities. That was super for me. My first ever flight. But, more was to come when we landed.

The process of travelling to another world was interesting. First, we had to go to the "Inter-dimensional" Travel Centre" or what was called an Aphelotte. The Aphelotte was located in downtown Paninsularre. One would think of a huge facility like an airport with remarkable ships and vessels for space exploration. No, this place was nothing like that. For heaven's sake, it was in the downtown of the world's largest metropolis. How could such a huge facility be in place where only shops, banks, clinics, and offices reside? It would not be big enough. You know, spaces in cities no matter where in the universe you go to, are still too small for anything. That's what I thought untill that day.

The Aphelotte was the size of a doctor's clinic. There were many people waiting with bags in hand to see what some thought to be a doctor or a lawyer. Yet, the larger surprise was, that in this building, everyone was waiting to meet with an Inter-dimensional officer or an Aphelottean. He or she would check us in by viewing our passports and weighing our bags, just like how an airline officer would check us into our respective flights at an airport. Then, he or she brought us towards two poles. It looked like pillars or standing lamps. There was a shelf of books on the other side of those poles. I thought that we might have to study something before we were actually taken to the "true" Aphellotte by a car of some kind. Little did I realise how wrong I was about what they truly were.

Our Aphellottean switched them on, and the background of book shelves blurred to a fuzzy screen of blue. He asked us to take our bags and walk through this screen. It was some kind of portal. Lo and behold, on the other side, there was this big waiting room. It looked like the insides of a starship that you see on the television!

My dad approached the information counter to present our tickets. The lady there said: Welcome to Occrea!" I was stunned beyond belief. I knew my geography really well, and Occrea is a non-inhabited part of the planet near the north pole, billions of miles by my standard, away from Paninsularre, which was in the southern hemisphere.

Physically, my hometown was closer to Occrea than Paninsularre. I laughed at the absurd irony of travelling 178 hours by jet to a place that would only be only 100 hours by jet from my hometown in the opposite direction. I asked the lady why we needed to travel so far from Melswith to get here. She said, "No man can breathe with the natural climate of this place. It is the home of supernatural beings like giants, elves, and sabretooth men. But, do not fear, we are protected here by a "transcendant dimensional application (TDA). To enter TDA, you needed to go through our Aphelottes located either in Sul or Paninsularre. That is why you travelled so far to Paninsularre from Melswith to be here. Furthermore, the TDA is protecting our Inter-dimensional Column Sector Starline or better put, our Inter-dimensional ship.

"Wow!" That was all I could say, as I looked at awe to the fact that we were already aboard the ship that will take us to the Etherens. However, we were told by an officer later, that we needed to line up in order to enter our take-off cabins. For we needed to take-off from Occrea to depart my world for the Etherens. "Oh, how interesting!" I thought to myself as I imagined the process of leaving this world was like the process of leaving my country only more interesting and exciting!

So, we lined up heading into the "take-off" cabins. There were two cabins. They were arranged according to our point of entry. Those who came from Sul's Aphelotte went into one just as we went into the cabin assigned for those who came from Paninsularre's Aphelotte.

It was like getting into a jet-liner, once again. I got the window seat, for I love looking out during my travels.

Though, I was disappointed , for all I saw was that same fuzzy blue screen I saw in the Aphelottean's office in Paninsularre.

The safety video came on in the front of the cabin. The man on the screen said: Welcome aboard Column Sector ZX776, bound from the Autherens to the Etherens. Our flight will take a week to and a week back from the Etherens. For your safety, please strap yourself into your seat...., the cabin chambers will now integrate , lifting the central bulk, the place of your waiting and other activities above. This complex process will take five minutes. We are lifting a bulk the size of a cruise liner onto the top of our taking-off cabins. You are seated here for there is massive instability within the bulk. When stability is regained after exiting this universe, you may exit this cabin. This whole process till exit, will take three hours. Thank you and I wish you, a pleasant flight.

The fuzzy blue screen disintegrated, revealing the physical landscape of Occrea. "Hmmh, all I can see, dad, are mountains of white snow and some peculiar creatures beyond. Next to the mountains, I see another large mountain, ohh, it is moving! Will we be safe?" The hostess came up to assure me that this take-off area is protected by the lords of these creatures, so there is nothing to fear. She added: But, that's another reason why we entered the ship via TDA. For should we have been seen by these giants on our own, we might become prey.

Thinking of what she said, I was mixed with calm, excitement, and dread should I have been outside. You know that at times, when I travel on a jet taxiing for take-off, I am mixed with dread and excitement. Well, this feeling was multiplied to its extreme at this time! The ship charged the runway. It went faster then faster untill it travelled basically the length of Australia before it took off, all in the matter of twenty minutes. This shows how much speed is necessary for interworld travel. I did not have time to see the clouds, for in less than a second, I was looking at my home planet, Auteria, in the same way the astronauts viewed the earth from outer space. We had entered space, or what is known as "Auteria Air".

We were served a meal as we flew over the other planets, just as you eat looking down on familiar or not so familiar places from a jet. I saw a blazing fiery planet, and I was told that was Sakretska, the planet of devils, demons, ghosts, witches, and monsters. Then, I saw for myself, Autherential hell: Garantula, a few hours later.

After a shudder, like a minor earth tremor, we were told that we had exited our universe, "The Autherens" at Point Marcus. From here on, it was inter-universal space, then universal space till the edge of the Etherens.

As we re-entered the Starship complex from the cabin, we were brought to our hotel. In the room, I glanced through a number of brochures advertising the various ways in which we can travel to the Etherens from our stop at "Monumental Point", which lies just at the edge of Earth's universe.

One particular advert interested me a great deal. It said: Want the real experience of Ethera? Earthlings call it Earth! Then, become an earthling yourself! Attend the seminar by Admiral Jacobs to learn of this option for visiting and making the most of your holiday in the Etherens.

I attended the seminar, liked it, and decided I will become a life on Ethera. I chose 1981 to be born for it looked like an interesting era. I saw a catalog of parents who were able to care for me. I chose to be born in Malaysian Borneo to both Evelyn Jean and Abang Kassim Zawawi. It looked to me, that I could do something with this life that I chose. Well, now that I know I'm still on the same trip, each and everyday here on Earth, I'll try to enjoy the rest of my trip here ! By the way, my parents at first, objected to this idea. But, soon enough, they came to their senses about letting me learn from experience. Now, that I've had this flashback, I hope to share with them my brilliant life here on Earth. Hopefully, I will return from this trip, still mad yet enlightened!